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American workers are being forced out of workforce

A Yearly Summary of the table A-7 report can be viewed by Clicking Here.

Comparing Job Gains against Job Opening Gains

State Contracts Awarded To By State: TX

This will show you the job gains over previous year AND all visa applications data for that occupational group.

2023 All Occupations | 2022 All Occupations | 2021 All Occupations | 2020 All Occupations | 2019 All Occupations | 2018 All Occupations

To understand why the population at large does not understand what is happening with the non-immigrant guest worker programs, you need to study those rows with the largest Total Employment.

And then look at Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 which are the H-1B visas applied for and the H-2A, H-2B & PERM visas applied for.

Notice how those rows have the least amount of visa applications?

That is because those are our lowest paying jobs.

It is only our highest paying jobs that we are being forced out of.

And we are considered overqualified for the lower paying jobs which leaves us desperate or worse.

All of this data is from 2022 as the data for 2023 is not completely out yet.

Want to double-check my math?

2022 OES job totals

2021 OES job totals

OCC CODETitle2022 # Employed2021 # EmployedJobs Gained Over 2021Annual MedianHourly MedianQ1Q2Q3Q4H-2AH-2BPERM
11-0000Management Occupations8,909,9107,947,300962,610102,45049.2519,32419,32419,32419,324546,519
13-0000Business and Financial Operations Occupations9,053,7908,387,490666,30076,57036.8130,00830,00830,00830,008327,198
15-0000Computer and Mathematical Occupations4,654,7504,587,70067,05097,54046.90267,819267,819267,819267,8190161,423
17-0000Architecture and Engineering Occupations2,436,5202,515,040-78,52079,84038.3937,61637,61637,61637,616108,698
19-0000Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations1,273,6401,296,060-22,42072,74034.9717,15617,15617,15617,156001,410
21-0000Community and Social Service Occupations2,239,6802,231,0708,61048,41023.2887787787787703265
23-0000Legal Occupations1,178,1401,154,74023,40082,43039.631,7661,7661,7661,76600423
25-0000Educational Instruction and Library Occupations8,191,9308,446,910-254,98057,22027.5110,63110,63110,63110,631053,019
27-0000Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations1,815,2901,857,500-42,21051,19024.614,6144,6144,6144,614081,589
29-0000Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations8,787,7308,579,180208,55075,04036.0813,11313,11313,11313,113042,854
31-0000Healthcare Support Occupations6,603,6806,440,880162,80029,88014.37888808814
33-0000Protective Service Occupations3,385,0303,351,18033,85046,59022.4088880298
35-0000Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations11,201,48011,262,850-61,37028,40013.653737373711,0012,060
37-0000Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations4,108,8104,090,37018,44030,24014.54999944,2262,347
39-0000Personal Care and Service Occupations2,566,4402,696,340-129,90029,45014.16353535352547628
41-0000Sales and Related Occupations13,256,29013,120,320135,97030,60014.712,1662,1662,1662,1660801,565
43-0000Office and Administrative Support Occupations18,299,38018,548,360-248,98038,05018.292352352352352971,567
45-0000Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations452,490478,770-26,28029,86014.364949494910,053267406
47-0000Construction and Extraction Occupations5,848,9505,937,830-88,88048,21023.1821212121807071,259
49-0000Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations5,574,4105,486,93087,48047,94023.05303030304775509
51-0000Production Occupations8,408,0308,519,410-111,38037,71018.132727272752861,790
53-0000Transportation and Material Moving Occupations12,639,92012,163,360476,56036,86017.7273737373632691,882