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American workers are being forced out of workforce

A Yearly Summary of the table A-7 report can be viewed by Clicking Here.

Comparing Job Gains against Job Opening Gains

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This will show you the job gains over previous year AND all visa applications data for that occupational group.

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This table documents whether Foreign Born or Native Born workers received the most jobs for each year that the data has been maintained.

I wrote this report after reading several inaccurate reports being written stating that foreign born workers have received all jobs since 2019.

One such article can be viewed at:

These numbers are in thousands, so add three zeros to them.

To prepare this report, we pull the latest data from:

We pull the EMPLOYED for Foreign Born and Native Born for all years from 2007 to present.

YearJun 2024 Foreign BornLess Foreign BornForeign Born GainJun 2024 Native BornLess Native BornNative Born GainTotal GainForeign Born Percentage of New JobsNative Born Percentage of New JobsTotal Current WorkforceForeign Born Percent of WorkforceNative Born Percent of Workforce
Jan 200730,86722,3568,511130,906121,9198,98717,4980.4860.5141442750.1550.845
Jan 200830,86722,5648,303130,906122,0428,86417,1670.4840.5161446060.1560.844
Jan 200930,86721,3759,492130,906119,06111,84521,3370.4450.5551404360.1520.848
Jan 201030,86721,0909,777130,906115,71915,18724,9640.3920.6081368090.1540.846
Jan 201130,86721,9288,939130,906115,67115,23524,1740.3700.6301375990.1590.841
Jan 201230,86722,8038,064130,906117,14113,76521,8290.3690.6311399440.1630.837
Jan 201330,86723,0897,778130,906118,52412,38220,1600.3860.6141416130.1630.837
Jan 201430,86723,4677,400130,906120,05910,84718,2470.4060.5941435260.1640.836
Jan 201530,86724,5536,314130,906121,9998,90715,2210.4150.5851465520.1680.832
Jan 201630,86725,3285,539130,906123,7107,19612,7350.4350.5651490380.1700.830
Jan 201730,86725,7215,146130,906124,8066,10011,2460.4580.5421505270.1710.829
Jan 201830,86726,4534,414130,906126,3954,5118,9250.4950.5051528480.1730.827
Jan 201930,86727,3813,486130,906127,5833,3236,8090.5120.4881549640.1770.823
Jan 202030,86727,0663,801130,906129,9289784,7790.7950.2051569940.1720.828
Jan 202130,86725,3185,549130,906123,0657,84113,3900.4140.5861483830.1710.829
Jan 202230,86727,9782,889130,906127,6403,2666,1550.4690.5311556180.1800.820
Jan 202330,86728,6922,175130,906130,0009063,0810.7060.2941586920.1810.819
Jan 202430,86729,8421,025130,906129,8071,0992,1240.4830.5171596490.1870.813